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Throughout every stage, from planning to execution, we deliver exceptional proficiency in all our services.

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Celebrating Decades of Expertise

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we provide tailored solutions to meet your project’s requirements, all while upholding the highest industry standards and exceeding your expectations. Okanagan Civil is your trusted partner in bringing your civil construction projects to life.

Site Preparation, Earthworks & Excavation

At Okanagan Civil, we thrive in site preparation, earthworks, and excavations, catering to projects of all sizes. This comprises tasks such as preloads, clearing and grubbing, site stripping, implementing erosion and siltation controls, and addressing varied drainage needs. Furthermore, we specialize in hammering and blasting rock, efficiently managing substantial earth volumes. We adeptly navigate challenging terrains to ensure seamless support of our construction projects.

Civil & Shallow Utilities

With extensive experience, our team excels in the effective management and execution of storm, sanitary, and watermain installations, encompassing curbs, sidewalks, road construction, and asphalt paving. Our crews are also well equipped with the implementation and installation of BC Hydro, Telus, Shaw, Fortis Energy and streetlighting. By working closely with all third-party agencies, we have developed a long-standing relationship to deliver a successful project outcome. Whether it’s onsite-offsite on a subdivision or mainlines along busy city streets, Okanagan Civil has the comprehensive capability to handle it all.

Vineyard & Agricultural

In vineyard and agricultural development, our primary emphasis is on precise land management, forming the basis for careful planning. Utilizing our expertise in design-build methods and irrigation installation, we cultivate highly efficient agricultural environments.

Residential & Commercial Development

We offer complete services with site preparation, earthworks, and handling all the underground utilities for structural, mechanical, and electrical scopes. Our expertise also covers pile cropping, wailer bars, detailed excavation & backfill around concrete columns, and working closely with the piling contractor.

Specialized Projects

At Okanagan Civil, we grasp the details involved in orchestrating and constructing robust civil infrastructure. Being experts in a diverse range of projects – from managing large diameter steel pipe, deep sewers, lake intakes, pump stations, and Airport developments to overseeing Reservoirs, Ponds, and Dams. We navigate each phase with meticulous precision and expertise. With us, you can anticipate nothing short of exceptional quality, unmatched professionalism, and a dedication to achieving remarkable outcomes.

Revolutionizing Construction

Harnessing GPS Precision in Civil Construction

Our utilization of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Machine Grade Control technology revolutionizes the way we approach construction projects. Achieving the perfect grade is crucial in construction, and our implementation of Machine Grade Control technology ensures unparalleled precision. By integrating GPS and advanced sensors into our machinery, we can precisely control the grading process, reducing material waste and optimizing the use of resources. This not only enhances the overall quality of our work but also contributes to a more sustainable and cost-effective construction approach.

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